Answers to Quiz

We believe your home should reflect your way of life so let’s find out… 
Do you have more A, B or C’s? Or do you have a mix?

A's: Timeless Traditions

  • America’s number one style!
  • You’re a stable, not impulsive buyer.
  • Once you find a place for your furniture – it stays!
  • You enjoy a soft blending of different style of decorating.
  • You like a balanced mix of upholstered pieces and wood pieces
  • Quality is uppermost in all your home furnishings purchases.
  • It’s likely that you’ll have a gallery wall somewhere in your home filled with family photos.
  • You undoubtedly have at least one “collection” displayed in your home.
  • You are a gracious hostess and require a certain amount of formality.
  • Decorating for the holidays may be one of your passions.

B's: Farmhouse/Country

  • You tend to be a very sensitive person.
  • You enjoy surrounding yourself with soft colors and textured fabrics.
  • Antique shopping is a passion – as well as rummaging through flea markets.
  • You enjoy utilizing fabric in your window treatments.
  • You tend to be a bit more open minded in your design ideas.
  • Your home would tend to be filled with collectibles.
  • You prefer a more casual and informal lifestyle.
  • Your personality determines if your country style has an American, French or English flavor or is a blended mix.

C's: Trend Setting

  • You enjoy the latest in fashion.
  • Your purchases tend to be rather impulsive.
  • You boast a dramatic personality.
  • In design, you prefer a sharp contrast in style and color.
  • You tend to be a risk taker.
  • Your home might be filled with sculptures, impressionist artwork, and dramatic furniture that you chose to make a signature statement.
  • Your favorite shelter magazine is apt to be “Architectural Digest”.

If you have equal numbers of “A’s, B’s and C’s then you’re Eclectic

  • You enjoy mixing all three styles into one cohesive design plan.
  • Your interests are wide ranging.
  • You are into all of the arts.

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