Accessories allow you to inject your personality into a room, and can completely change the look and feel of a space without having to start from scratch. Interior designer Cassy Young can help you express your personality and style through the use of accessories.

Cassy Young will help you with accessories for your home

Enhancing the beauty of your home

From wall art to family photos, collectibles to candles, these decorative items play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your home. Cassy will help you choose and use accessories to make every room comfortable, welcoming and distinctive.

She will create balanced groupings of your collectibles and assembling favorite things into tabletop displays. Photos, figurines and objects that delight the eye, become elements of your arrangements.

Another element of accessorizing is the addition of florals and foliage to enliven your environment. Using silk floral arrangements is acceptable when you can’t have fresh flowers all year!

eclectic collectibles make great accessories

Special collections

Tell Cassy if you have an important collection that should be included in her design plan for your home. Gathered together, your pieces can make a strong, personal statement. However, too many pieces may be overwhelming and Cassy might make suggestions to edit what is on show at one time, allowing each piece to shine.

Displays of collectibles should be accessible for visitors to look at on furniture or shelves, or the walls. The best collections have variety and unity and draw people to look at them. One accessory adds style, a collection reveals a passion.

wall art is the first place to place accessories

Wall decor

Walls are a good place to start accessorizing once you have your furnishing basics in place. They are the first thing that people see when they enter a room and establish the character of your home.

The secret to a harmonious house is to include the walls as an integral part of the design, rather than a space that need to be filled! The goal is a well-balanced mixture of space, color, texture and scale.

Accessories, whether on furniture, floors or walls, should be as individual as you. Put your personal stamp on your surroundings and let the world know what’s important to you.

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