Custom Window Treatments

Cassy Young believes that people often don’t think of having window treatments because they don’t know how to create them. People make excuses such as “Oh, I could never afford that,” or “I have blinds, I don’t need anything else,” or “I’m a simple person, I don’t need anything fancy.” As a professional window treatment specialist, Cassy will advise you on what is available, what will suit your space, and work with the budget you have available.

interior decorator Cassy Young

Draperies & Curtains

Having the correct window treatments depend on several factors: the room, the shape of the window and its position to the sun, the style you prefer, and the drapery’s purpose.

Window treatments will last for many years and serve many purposes — they keep the sun out and the warmth in; they help protect your floors, rugs and furniture from fading; they add pizzazz to any room, “finishing” it off.

They can be practical too. Today’s fabrics offer room darkening options for people who work shifts such as firefighters, police, or medical staff. Also, many fabrics are stain proof from manufacturers like Krypton — perfect defense from kids and pets.

If you prefer a simple look, we can hang stationary drapery panels each side of the window, framing it, usually in combination with a blind or shade. Adding embellishment such as fringe or contrasting tape will change the mood of the room from formal to romantic to casual.

In a traditional home you may require more layers of draperies to achieve a sophisticated design. And at every stage Cassy will be taking the harsh sun into account.

Top Treatments

Full length draperies are not suitable for every application because in a kitchen they may get dirty; in a bathroom there may not be floor space. But in most cases Cassy can design a top treatment that will soften the hard edges of a window, hide the mechanics of another layer, and to draw focus to the window.

The image here shows a combination of different window dressing ideas.

There are several choices of top treatment to explore:

  • Cornice boards
  • Valances
  • Balloon shades
  • Swags & cascades
  • Lambrequins
  • Awnings

You can further embellish a top treatment with custom trim that will add an interesting and individual look to the finished product.