Home Office

A beautifully designed home office encourages productivity and efficiency, all while keeping you organized. If you work from home, it is essential to have your own private work space that fosters creativity and productive work. At the same time it must feel as though it belongs to the rest of your home. Channel your focus into your work and leave the rest to a professional interior designer.

Could you work in this home office?

A Dedicated Space

Whether you work from home full or part-time, you will need a dedicated space where you can concentrate away from the bustle of domestic distractions. You need a home office that makes you want to sit down and concentrate on your daily tasks.

Cassy Young, your local interior designer, will find out what needs to be achieved. She will ask questions about how the space should function, your storage needs, and how you will use the space. You may need to share the office space or have an area for client meetings.

You need a personalized space that is personal to you that is flexible for how you work. An uncluttered office with hidden cords and tech items out of view. You need comfortable temperature to work in and blinds and shades will help achieve that.


The home office should reflect your home's style.

Enjoy Your Surroundings

Your home office should have a desk that reflects your style and personality with a comfortable, stylish chair. A mixture of open shelves and hidden storage will give you a place to display personal items that mean something to you.

You must want to get up in the morning and go to work! Cassy of Young Design Group, a Decorating Den Interiors franchise is highly qualified and eager to help. She will listen to your ideas and give you options that will work for your circumstances.

Contact Cassy to schedule an in-home consultation and get started on your dream office. Cassy will also work with your commercial office needs. Call her at (706) 540-8925.