Living Room

A living room can be many things and in the past it was a seldom used, formal room.  Today’s homes require every inch of space to be useful and attractive. You may use your living room to sit and read quietly. Many people are installing TV’s so that family members can watch favorite shows. However you want to use your space, Cassy Young of Young Design Group is there for you. She will capture the essence of your style and listen to the needs of the family and create a space that will appeal to all. If you want a formal living room, she will design that too.

Relax in your new space

Young Design Group is part of the Decorating Den Interiors franchise group, owned by Cassy Young. Cassy has been creating beautiful living rooms since acquiring her design degree. Whether your style is traditional or modern, rustic or luxurious, Cassy has the experience to help you make selections for your living room that suit your style and budget.

The budget is critical as Cassy will not be able to design a living room that works for you unless she is aware of what you can spend. With a plethora of vendors to choose from, selecting furniture that fits into the budget is critical.

Contact Cassy today and schedule your in-home design consultation and get started creating your new living room.