Interview with Cassy Young

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Q. Have you always had the design bug?

A. Always! When I was a child I would go to my friend’s homes to play with Barbie but spend the entire time building houses out of shoe boxes. By the time I got the layout right, it was time to go home! I’ve always been interested in how and where people live. If we fast-forward many years to when I was working full-time and raising two sons, I made the decision to go back to school to do what I really love. With my design degree under my belt I could move forward with my design firm.

Cassy Young's award-winning kitchen and dining space.

Q. Tell me about your career prior to qualifying as an interior designer.

A. I think my career before starting Young Design Group provided me with the tools to run my own company. Living in Delaware, life was more hectic. All my jobs required managing multiple priorities. I interacted with a variety of people and cultures, always learning along the way. I was always interested in organizational strategy, making things run smoothly, and the details…

Q. As a qualified interior designer why did you purchase a franchise?

A. We are asked this question quite often and my answer is always the same. Interior designers working on their own do not have the same support system that we have. The corporate office finds us the best vendors and gets us far better pricing than an individual designer would get. Being part of Decorating Den Interiors not only gives us access to the best vendors, it is fantastic to be able to talk to other designers. It’s being part of a family who is always there to help. It was also beneficial to have a set of systems in place which helped my business get going faster.

Q. What is your personal style?

A. Clients often ask me this question and I never want to influence them  as the project is about their style, but I would say that I decorate my own home in a transitional style. But then I also like the “Southern” version of traditional. If you are an interior designer, you tend to like something about most styles!

Q. What do you like about the design process?

A. I love finding pieces that will create a beautiful solution for a problematical space. I love it when clients realize that I am on their side in the creation process.

What does your basement look like? Call Young Design Group and you can have a useful place for entertaining.

Q. What do clients like about working with you?

A. They like the in-home service which is very convenient. They also like the curated options I give them and the genuine interest in the desires they have for their home.

Q. Why should clients work with Young Design Group?

A. I have the qualifications, interest, and the experience to make beautiful, comfortable spaces for my client.



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